Vegan MoFo Straggles On

While the official end of Veganmofo was this past Monday, I'm going to try and keep blogging as frequently as I can. I fell a little short last month, completing mofo with just over half of the scheduled 31 posts. Here's one named food (from my theme) that didn't make the cut, but will always hold a place in my heart.

This Reuben strays from the many vegan Reuben's popping up on every street corner. Instead of the usual plant proteins (tempeh, tofu, seitan), I've used juicy grilled portobellos sliced and seasoned with lemon pepper and nutritional yeast. Typically covered with a melted swiss, I opted for a healthier chickpea gravy to help creamify this sammy. Ruby kraut (made in my house by my hands!!) and quick-fix version of thousand island turn the taste of this Reuben around from wow to WOWOWOW! And yes, that is pumpernickel bread.

Since this sandwich was developed on the fly (once the kraut was ready, actually), I don't have a standard recipe, so feel free to go your own way (go your own waaAaay!) and dress it how ever you like! Also, can you tell I wrote this after 1.5 beers?


  1. heck yea! that looks so great.

  2. Oh Kittee, it was amazing. My partner is hooked on daiya, but it's so expensive! Gravy works perfectly in it's place. It's a bit messier, but good food is usually messy.

  3. That is so droolworthy. I made a sun dried portobello version of a reuben a while back and it was great. I love that you used chick pea gravy. Genius!!

  4. that sounds delicious. gravy instead of cheese is a win, and i love that the post ended on a somewhat musical note.

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