Vegan MoFo - Day 31

Day 31 - Kaisers!
Oh, hi there! This past weekend I explored one my favorite pastimes, and learned a new recipe! Baking bread is such a calming and rewarding activity, but the summer heat here in Louisiana is quite a deterrent. Now that the temperature is dropping, let the dough start rising and preheat that oven! Making your own bread isn't as difficult as anyone will try and make you believe. Infact, some recipes damn-near make themselves. Take one of my favorite bread baking cookbooks, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day; sure they take some shortcuts, but they are also redefining traditonal methods so that homemade bread can be available to households of all types and time constraints! Baking your own bread is also much cheaper than buying presliced bags at your grocery store (not to mention, far less ingredients to mull over!). For $10 you could have (fresh, warm, soft or crunchy) all kinds of loaves for months!

Seriously, kids; start baking your own bread. You'll instantly understand what all the hype is over.

Most recently and for Veganmofo, I wanted to make something I've never attempted before. Kaiser rolls just happened to fit that bill! Naturally, I seek Vegan Dad's advice and almost all things bread - he did bake his way through the Bread Baker's Apprentice, you know! He had a great video tutorial on Kaiser rolls, including the infamous pate fermentee, a pre-fermented dough used in artistanal bread baking! There wasn't anything challenging about this recipe, aside from testing my patience with all that waiting. I ended up with 12 enormous rolls, perfect for sandwiches, burgers, and soup dipping.

I dressed my Kaiser roll with creamy chicken-style seitan salad, spinach, cucumber, stoneground mustard and hot sauce!

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  1. Your roll look perfect and I wish I had that creamy chicken-style seitan sandwich right now! I'd never baked bread before this years Vegan MoFo but now I'm obsessed!