Vegan MoFo - Day 11

Day 11 - I'm back for realz
Well, I definitely did not intend to fall off the face of the blogosphere this weekend. The thing is, I was in CHICAGO! My boyfriend, roommate and I left early Friday morning for a glorious weekend of friends, food and fun. We saw Leftover Crack & the Descendents at Riot Fest - darn good fun! We ate all over Chicago, and it was some of the best grub of my life. I'll keep this sweet with a little dose of what's to come later today.

We had breakfast at the Flying Saucer in Humboldt Park. This place had a few good vegan options and is priced really well. Matt ordered the Breakfast Burriot - huge burrito stuffed with cuban black beans, jalapenos, pico de gallo,  and tofu hash served with some tasty roasted potato home fries.

breakfast burrrrit-o!
I was a great need for some greens, and luckily they had an awesome tofu has chockful of kale and sweet potatoes! The Tofu Sweet Potato hash came with fried tofu sautéed with sweet potatoes and kale and was served with toast (and Earth Balance!!) and roasted potatoes.

I'm a lover of the dark rye
Everything was well priced and well proportioned. My only complaint is that the tofu might have been the pre-fried packaged variety and was steamed along with my kale, resulting in a lot of water retention. Definitely NOT a dealbreaker, though.

Up next: Chicago Diner!! Handlebar Bar & Grill!!

Oh, and I'm ready to hop back onto this MoFo's theme. Get ready for some Benedict, Cobb, Reuben, and many more!

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