Grab a fork and have a seat!

Hello, and welcome to Food Stains! I created this blog in response to my latest project - a comic/cook zine full of homestyle vegan recipes! I'm still in the developing stages of that zine, but I hope to use this blog as a host for some recipes, drawings and occasional arbitrary chitchat. I used to post at Vegan, Today!, but updating became infrequent, and this zine deserves it's own space. So here I am, and here you are!

Before long, however, I'll be participating in one of the greatest blogging phenomena known to this side of the galaxy...

  If you aren't aware of the marvel that is Vegan MOFO, please check out the Headquarters (yes, it is that awesome to have it's own headquarters). In short, nearly a thousand bloggers worldwide have signed up to spend the entire month of October posting anything and everything vegan - recipes, restaurant/product, reviews, food porn, video blogging, you name it! I've heard of some really creative themes this year, including vegan tablescapes (take that, Sandra Lee!), an entire month of True Blood menus (not another human heart soufflé!) and veganizing recipes from chain restaurants (babyback tempeh??).

I participated last year, and I can't wait to do this again. My theme? Sandwiches of the Ages! I'll travel through time and space to share some of the finest sammies throughout history, and include plenty of contempary favorites. There will be rich history, recipes & variations, bread-baking tutorials, and plenty of scrumptious photography and drawings! Foods named after people! We've got Caesar, Benedict, Frangipane, Bechamel, Reuben...this list goes on! I'm so psyched for this!!


  1. Ah dude, I'm so jealous of your theme! That's AWESOME!! Can't wait!

  2. I love your blog! Just found ya tonight. Gotta love the MoFo List! Your pictures and writing are great.